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Rooms for the Children

Hello Everyone,

How are you? Some good news on the progress of obtaining the church license. The Addis Ababa Justice office informed us that they will give us the final paper on 2/19/16 then we will submit it with the rest of the documents to the federal office.

I am excited to say that we started building the  four rooms at the back of the church for the children’s section and it is going well. So far we put in the hydraform blocks, the doors and windows. Tomorrow we will start putting on the roof. We will need children’s books for different age groups for teaching.

We hired a keyboard player and a worship leader. We are still looking for an evangelist.

I continue to give thanks to God for what He has done. Please pray for the license and church evangelist. May the grace of God be with all of you.


“I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns” Phil. 1:6.


Building the four rooms for the children’s church

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Church Services

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Prayer for Church License

Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever Daniel 12:3.

Hello Brothers and sisters in Christ,

How are you? I hope everyone is doing well. Of course, things are not going as is planned in Africa however by the grace of God we are doing well. We started praying, worshiping, and sharing the word three times a week, which is on Wednesday and Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and Sunday from 3:00pm to 5:30pm, and it is going well. However, to organize church and to start official services we need the license. For more than two and half months, the government has stopped the process but now they started. So far, fourteen people brought the required documents and one person will bring theirs next week then we will submit it to the federal office. I need 15 references to get a license. The Government will check all the documents and give us our license but it requires a lot of prayer because they are not doing as they say.

Regarding the musician, I found one but I am looking for a better talented person because if people do not feel comfortable on the first day they will not come again. First impression is very important for the new Church. My friend Woyessa and others are helping me in different areas I thank God for them. I ordered a pulpit and it should come in three weeks. I plan to start building the four rooms for Children’s Sunday school and an office after I organized the church and get the license. In addition, I am looking for a good projector, they are hard to get here, hopefully I will get one soon.

Sad story, last week thieves took my phone from my pocket on the taxi, I paid a lot of money for the phone to use for pictures, video, and Internet but they took it and now I bought the cheap one. Regarding my health, I am doing well I thank God for that.

Finally, I want you to thank God for what He has done so far and to pray for His presence with us, to give us the right evangelist, help us to get license as soon as possible, and to provide our future financial needs because we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Thank you and may the grace of God be with all of you.


Here are some pictures of the church progress.


Walls painted

The wall and ceiling painted well


The stage made up of the wood which came from Australia

Church Seating

Church seating for 220 people





Microphone holder

Microphone holder

Keyboard Holder

Keyboard holder

Electric Converter

Electric converter

Next time I will send you the pictures or videos of worship.

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Prayer Request


I hope you are all doing well. The church is coming along. So far, the paint is complete, the stage is built, and the hall looks great. I purchased for the church 200 chairs, 2 speakers, a keyboard, and a microphone holder. Unfortunately, last Saturday the amplifier burnt when the musician tried to setup for worship. I took it to the music shop and they repaired it I thank God because it is very expensive to buy in Ethiopia. We will try again to setup the music instruments.

Regarding my health I thank God I am doing great. Therefore, I want you to thank God for what he has done so far.

Please pray for the following:

  • To help us to get the ministry license as soon as possible because it is not safe to organize church without this license.
  • For God to send the right evangelist and music player.
  • A vehicle because transport is very essential to accomplish my daily duties.
  • For a place to live especially a place near the church.

Thank you and God be with all of you.


Happy New Year from Ethiopia!

Hello my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After several days of travelling, (Minneapolis, Toronto, Ireland, Ethiopia) I arrived in Ethiopia on Monday December 28. My luggage went missing but finally arrived in Ethiopia on Wednesday December 30.  The Church looks great but the paint is not done well so we started painting and correcting again. Over the next week, I am working on getting my license to be a minister and operate the church in Ethiopia. We have to purchase speakers and chairs for the church. God willing we will start regular church services in two weeks. God is doing and will do great things. Your continued prayers for the ministry is most appreciated.

I wish you a Blessed Happy New Year!

Blessings to all

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Travelling to Ethiopia



Today I leave for Ethiopia on the journey God planted in my heart many years ago, which is to plant churches in Ethiopia and spread the gospel. Last September we went as a team to Ethiopia to evaluate how to plant a church and give training for church leaders. We met different church leaders and pastors in Addis Ababa and Awassa and discussed about the needs and challenges to plant churches and how to give training to church leaders. We learned that Ethiopia is the right place and it is the right time to plant a church and give training for church leaders. So, we started the process to get a ministry license and we rented a building in a great area to start a church. In all this, we saw the protection and guidance of God, so we thank him for what he has done so far. Now, I am going back to Ethiopia to organize the church, to build 4 extra rooms where we will have the office and children’s ministry, and to start the services. Thank you for your support and I ask you to pray for Ethiopian New Life Ministry.

“The God of heaven will help us succeed. We his servants will start rebuilding this wall” Nehemiah 2:20.

Blessings to all,


Glory to God!

The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

The little boy stood by the gate entrance to the church and peered, expectantly, into our taxi through the darkened windows as we were leaving. He glanced first at the driver, then to my companions, one by one. When he got to me, a wide grin broke across his face, and he waved and jumped, yelling, “Good-bye Teacher, Good-bye Teacher!” He followed us as we drove off, and while it was clear I had made an impact on this one little boy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I can assure you the connection was not one-sided.

One week earlier, four of us traveled to the African Continent to investigate the possibility of New Life Church of Woodbury planting a church in Addis Ababa. We were able to minister in two different churches. During our visit, it struck me how plentiful children are in Ethiopia. In fact, nearly half the population is under the age of 25, children are prized by their parents and the older people. Both churches we visited were in the middle of building new and separate youth Sunday school classrooms. I had the privilege of teaching the Sunday school lesson to the grade school and older children in both places. The children listened to our story and asked many questions related to the day’s biblical passage, but they also wanted to know practical things about America and my family.

Having never been to Africa, there were many, many things I encountered that were new and wonderful. But nothing can beat the opportunity to make a real connection with the people of this beautiful land. ~David Meier


Matthew 18:4 and 5

4Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.


Dave Seehusen Ethiopia 115

David Meier one of the board directors of ENLM teaching Sunday School in Ethiopia

Blessing/Opportunity/The Need

Dave Seehusen Ethiopia 085

Blessing/Opportunity/The Need

by David Seehusen

I was really blessed to be part of the September 2015 Visioning trip to Ethiopia. Several months back, when Dick Ivance asked me to serve on the Board of Directors for Ethiopian New Life Ministries, my reaction was “I am on missionary overload.” With my income having gone down substantially since retiring from the business world, how much should we be involved with a church plant in Ethiopia?


On our recent Visionary trip, we met with many of Teshome’s colleagues who he “grew in the Lord with” while in a Kenyan refugee camp during the 1990’s. These men have been, and will be, great partners/mentors/coaches as Teshome goes forward serving in Ethiopia.

Secondly, we met 15 people who are under the leadership of Teshome’s uncle. These folks have been praying for someone to come and lead them in a church plant. They were meeting and praying for 6 months before Dick invited me to join the Board.


The harvest is ready

25% pre-evangelized

Aware of Jesus and the cross, but have not committed

Don’t yet embrace, but want a loving God


The Opportunity

  •        The Right time – many people are hungry to know more about Jesus.
  •        The Right Place – Ethiopia is an open country
  •        The Right Person – Teshome has been praying 17 years for this opportunity

While on our Visioning trip, we met with leaders at two Bible Colleges. Both shared that many are “pre-evangelized” i.e. the seeds have been planted and the harvest is waiting.




The Need (either for laborers or for fuel)

To operate or implement any harvesting method, funds are needed. Because of the potential and the need, Karen and I are going to support the “harvest” through Ethiopian New Life Ministries. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have questions or want to support this harvest while the time is right.


Please consider and pray over Matthew 28:19-20 where it says to “go make disciples of all nations and help teach them.”



Hello world!

ENLM missionary Teshome Tessema

ENLM Missionary Teshome Tessema

Hello, I am Teshome Tessema. I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior in 1990 in Ethiopia, where I was born. I moved to Nairobi, Kenya as a refugee and lived there for 10 years. While I was living in Nairobi, God gave me opportunities to study his word, to attend Bible College, and to serve Him in the church and all together, these experiences made me grow tremendously in my spiritual life. I spent the majority of my time there teaching and preaching the gospel to those who were in the refugee camp as well as to the people in the city of Nairobi and made many of them disciples of Jesus Christ. After a long time in prayer and in His time, in June 2000, God opened a way for me to come to America. Since I have come to the U.S.A, I served in Ethiopian churches for about nine years until I joined the New Life Church at Woodbury, Minnesota. I earned my first degree in Bible and Theology from Global University. I strongly believe, God has put the passion and vision in my heart to go and spread the Gospel, plant churches, and provide leadership training for Ethiopian church leaders. God has given numerous talents to the body of Christ that can help to fulfill the work of salvation, and this is the opportunity for everyone to be part of this vision.